The Holy Land

 We shall refer to it as "the HOLY LAND." In today's political landscape, it has been divided into Palestine and Israel. (Parts of Jordan may be included too, but we'll address that separately).
While traveling through this land horizontally, you can stop and try to picture in your mind the numerous generations that have walked on the same soil on which you are standing: Crusaders, the Byzantines, Mamlukes, the early Arab dynasties, the Canaanites, and so on.
To some extent, we owe all the historical richness and diversity to the fact that the land joins Africa, Asia, and Europe. But if you take a deeper reflection, you will also come across stories of people who didn't know the land as a bridge, but as home. These stories aren't just buried in the past. They extend to the present, contributing to our personality. Lots of us grew up in Bible-believing cultures, and whether you accept it or not, the Bible has a way of affecting the way we see, feel and think.

Therefore, touring the Holy Land is quite different from any other form of touring. It's a discovery of roots and a type of homecoming. You can even take a "time-sounding" to the roots just by clicking on the above-listed regions.