We give you a sample and we create your own itinerary according to your requirements
because each client is a special client

8 days pilgrimage sample

Day 1: Holy Land / Haifa
Arrival to Ben Gurion Airport, our guide will welcome you and also be with you throughout your stay in the Holy Land. Transfer to haifa, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea check in an dinner.
Day 2:  Haifa / Mount Tabor / Nazareth
Breakfast at the hotel ,we will proceed to visit the Carmel Mountains, the site where Prophet Elias had a confrontation with Ahab and the prophets of Baal. Then we will go on to Nazareth where there will be a Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation. We will proceed by visiting  the home of the Holy Family located at the site of St. Joseph's church. A few minute's walk will lead us to the Crusader church which is built on the same site where the synagogue sits (the place where Jesus was asked to read from a scroll of the prophet Isaiah)
After the lunch break, we will climb the Mount Tabor, where the transfiguration took place with Jesus, James, John, and Peter.

Day 3: Sea of Galilee / Cana/ Nazareth
Starting the day in the sea of Galilee area  visiting  the Mount of Beatitudes, proceding to Tabgha (Seven Springs). There, we'll make our first stop at the site where Jesus multiplied fishes and loaves. After this, we will take a trip to the church of the primacy of Peter, where the Lord Jesus transferred the role of leadership of the church unto Simon Peter. Here we'll heartily pray for God's intervention, followed by a prayerful walk to the city of Capernaum, commonly referred to as Jesus' second city, where we'll behold the ruins of the second-century Synagogue (John: 6). Here in Capernaum the Lord Jesus called some of the apostles, taught the work of redemption, and healed lots of afflicted people. There's a new facility being constructed for pilgrims just on the site of Magdala, the ancient village. We'll be at this site which was made famous by Mary of Magdala. We'll be driving to the sea of Galilee and ride peacefully in a boat, remembering the account in the scriptures where Jesus and the apostles were on this same lake.
After having lunch in St. Peter's fish-serving restaurant, we will go on a trip to the small village of Cana, the place where Jesus performed his first miracle. We will also pay a visit to the wedding church, where every couple will get an invitation to renew their marital vows.
Day 4: Jericho/ Dead Sea / Bethlehem
After breakfast, we'll travel through the Jordan valley. Close to Jericho, we'll make a stop on the bank of River Jordan to remember the baptism of our Lord Jesus by St. John. Those who wish to renew their Baptismal vows can do so. Then we'll make a stop at a sycamore tree and take a moment to remember the story of the tax collector, Zacchaeus. Afterwards, we'll take a trip to the site of old Testament Jericho (Tel es-Sultan), Elisha's spring and also visit an Orthodox Monastery which is very close to the site where Jesus was tempted in the desert.
After lunch, well have an easy afternoon in the Dead Sea then to Bethlehem passing through the ancient roman rods leading to Jerusalem, check in at Bethlehem and dinner. .
Day 5:  Bethlehem / Jerusalem
In Bethlehem, we'll go to see Venerate the Holy Grotto of the Nativity and also attend Mass, and get a view of the Grotto of St. Jerome and the Manger. Also, we'll visit the St. Catherine Franciscan church which is the scene of Bethlehem's Christmas Midnight Mass. We'll then visit the countryside of the Shepherds' Fields to remember the glad tidings which the shepherds got from the angels.
Just after the general afternoon lunch, we'll embark on a trip to EinKarem, where we will visit the Visitation Church and the Church of St. John the Baptist, where we will magnificently praise God before we finally retire to our hotel.
Day 6: Jerusalem 
In the morning we'll drive to the top of the Mount of Olives to have a fantastic view of the wonderful city of Jerusalem and stand where Jesus stood. Also, we'll visit Chapel of the Ascension as well as the Church of Pater Noster (commemorating the Lord's Prayer). We will be visiting the chapel of Dominus Flevit during our work on the Palm Sunday Road. Here, too, we will get another magnificent view of the "Golden City." Then we will continue on that same road to the Garden of Gethsemane and go on to see the Basilica of the Agony and the Tomb of Mary.
In the afternoon we'll go into the ancient city of Jerusalem at St. Stephen's Gate, where we will make our first stop at the Pool of Bethesda and the Church of St. Anne. Afterwards, we will all bear a wooden cross and walk along the street and among the shops and markets just as Jesus did on his way to Calvary. Then we will go to the church of the Holy Sepulchre and inside, pay a visit to Golgotha and conclude our devotions at Jesus' Sacred Tomb. Around 8 p.m., we'll all converge at the Garden of Gethsemane (Church of All Nations) on the exact spot where Jesus told His apostles to stay awake and watch with him lest they fall into temptation.
Day 7: Jerusalem
In the morning we will visit the Jewish temple area, the Wailing Wall, where prayers will be offered at these remaining holy stones of the second temple. Today, the Moslems Shrines of the Dome of the Rock and el-Aqsa Mosque are the only surviving structures still standing on the temple. Then we'll drive along the city of mount Zion, and we will be visiting the nearby traditional site of the upper room, where we recall the last supper as well as Easter Sunday night and Pentecost Sunday. Nearby, we will also get to see Dormition Abbey Church that honors the lady's transition from this life to Heaven. This same afternoon is when we will arrive at Emmaus to remember the appearance of Jesus on the day of resurrection to his disciples.

Day 8: Jerusalem / Return to Airport
Early in the morning, we will conduct a Mass at Jesus' Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. After Mass, we will be back at the hotel to have breakfast. Afterwards, we'll then drive through the wilderness of Judea to Qumran, where we will be visiting the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as the ruins of the Essene community, were discovered. We will then proceed to the Dead Sea where we will have a rare opportunity of floating in its mineral-rich water. Driving back through the winding mountain roads will lead us back to Jerusalem. You will have the rest of the afternoon to yourself, and you are free to explore this amazing city all on your own.
In the evening, a farewell dinner at a typical Middle Eastern restaurant has been put together in your honor. At night, we will drive you to the airport where your return flight home is already waiting for you.